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Why RentAnAC


Window air conditioners are HEAVY (up to 100 lbs or more), are awkward to carry, have sharp edges, and can drip rusty water. Our pros handle all the heavy lifting for you, from start to finish. Simply enjoy your cool new oasis, and keep your back healthy.


Our team is trained to professionally install your AC. RentAnAC installs each AC according to our 12-Point Installation Checklist, to ensure the unit is installed properly and safely, every time. This attention to detail helps prevent leaks, drafts, theft, damage to your home, and keeps your unit securely in your window (and not freefalling to the street below).


One of the best things about renting an air conditioner from RentAnAC, is that it disappears at the end of the season. You get your window back, are free from having to store a dusty and rusty AC in your closet, and never have to worry about the hassles of cleaning or maintenance - all without lifting a finger. 

100% COOL.

RentAnAC wants to make sure you stay cool all summer long - If your AC quits at any time for any reason, we will repair or replace the air conditioner at no additional charge. Because when it's hot, the last thing you want to worry about is how to fix a busted AC.


RentAnAC plants a tree for each air conditioner rented. Just one tree can offset the environmental impact of an entire summer of use. Our commitment to being green extends beyond planting trees, by using materials and installation practices that maximize efficiency, offering ACs with the Energy Star efficiency rating, and by recycling spent AC's in an environmentally responsible way. With RentAnAC, it's cool to be green.