How it Works

RentAnAC for Harvard University Housing

RentAnAC is proud to offer our air conditioner services to tenants of Harvard University Housing in the Boston/Cambridge area.

Tenants of HUH have the following options for air conditioning in their apartment:

  • The tenant can use their own HUH approved air conditioner. The fee for installation and removal will be $99 per cooling season. The A/C must meet the HUH minimum efficiency requirements.
  • The tenant can rent an air conditioner from RentAnAC. The fee for rental, installation and removal is is $199 per season for a 5,000 BTU A/C, and $339 per season for an 8,000 BTU A/C.
  • For residents that require a wall-through A/C, rentals are available for $339 (8,000 BTU bedroom unit) and $399 (10,000 BTU living room unit) per cooling season

In addition to the above charges, the tenant must pay a utility usage surcharge for each A/C unit:

  • 5,000 BTU +$40 Surcharge
  • 8,000 BTU +$70 Surcharge
  • 10,000 BTU +$90 Surcharge

Air conditioners may be installed no earlier than May 15 and must be removed by October 31.

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