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AC Operation Instructions

  1. Turn your AC on and off with the “Power” button.
  2. Select your desired AC function:
    1. “Cool” mode will continuously blow cool air at the temperature you set it at until you manually turn the AC off.
    2. “Fan” mode will blow fresh air from outside until you turn the AC off.
    3. “Econ/energy saver” turns your AC off once the set temp is reached; the fan cycles on for a few seconds every few minutes to sample the temp of your room. If the
      room temp is above the setting, the compressor turns back on forcing cool air into the room.
  3. Use the up and down arrows to set the desired temperature:
    1. If your AC is set to “Cool” mode the AC will continue to blow air at the desired temperature you’ve selected until you manually turn it off.
    2. If your AC is set to “Econ/Energy saver” mode the AC and fan will turn off and on to keep your room at the desired temp.
  4. Select your desired fan speed:
    1. Low, Med, High, or Auto
    2. “Auto” mode: both the compressor (the part that cools the air) and the fan (the part that pushes the conditioned air) cycle on and off when the temperature reaches the thermostat’s set point.


My AC Has a Warning Light On

  •  Change filter light: our RAC team cleans the filters for you before installing your AC. This indicator light is on a timer and has no bearing on the cleanliness of your filter. Feel free to click the button to turn the light off.
  • P1 Error (on Floor Models only): your AC will automatically turn off when the water reaches a certain level. Unplug your AC and place a baking sheet or something similar underneath the plug in the back of your AC. Drain the water before turning the AC back on.

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